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Published on February 2, 2016

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In these video guitar lessons we will take a look at how to play “Back In Black” by AC/DC in it’s entirety note-for-note.

Known for it’s catchy opening riff, “Back In Black” quickly became a fan favorite for AC/DC fans around the world and helped propel their fame to new heights.

In this Back In Black guitar lesson series I will show you how to play all the riffs and solos note-for-note. We have a lot to sink our teeth into with this one! 🙂

The back in black opening riff also acts as the verse and contains a couple of tricky little licks that may take a little bit of practicing. The first lick is a blues based open string lick across multiple strings. It requires an accurate alternate picking technique to play cleanly.

The second part of the main riff ends with a bunch of large stretches and shifts. This lick especially can take a while to master if you don’t have a good reach on the guitar. Make sure you keep your thumb lightly placed in the middle of the back of the neck in order to help your fingers do those stretches. Be sure to place it light enough that you can easily lift it up during the quick shifts.

The chorus riff is based around basic power chords and is quite easy compared to the verse. However, since those chords move fast you will want to develop a bit of muscle memory with them before playing it up to speed.

The other main riff in the song comes after the solo and uses fast pull-offs, cross string picking and large stretches. Yeah this song is definitely a good workout! Just take your time as always. Work out how it is picked and pay attention to the small details so that you are practicing the riff the same way every time. After that, this riff will lock into your hands in no time. 🙂

The last video contains the killer guitar solo. Angus Young never fails to bring it with all of his solos and this one is an absolute classic. As with most of his solos, it is blues based containing many bends, fast licks and melodic phrases.

To learn the solo more quickly I suggest breaking it down into phrases like I teach it in the lesson. That will enable you to focus better on making each phrase sound musical so when you put them together you will be able to play everything at a high level without thinking about it very much. Diligent study with solos like the one in “Back In Black” are well worth the effort!

So I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic AC/DC song and don’t forget to not hurt yourself with those stretches! 🙂


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