Step by Step Instructions For Playing Zombie’s Strumming Pattern

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Published on January 31, 2023

Learn how to play the popular strumming pattern from The Zombies song with this beginner friendly tutorial. Step by step instructions will have you mastering it in no time!

zombie cranberries strumming pattern

Are you ready to learn how to play the distinguished strum pattern from The Zombies song, “Zombie”? This beginner-friendly guide will provide step-by-step instructions that will help you master the strum pattern in no time!

Strum Through Each Chord Once.

To begin, strum through each chord once in the order of C, Am, Dm, G. Think of it as if you’re playing the chords themselves rather than trying to mimic the exact sound and feel of the song. This will help you get used to playing the pattern before moving on to incorporate rhythm. When strumming each chord remember to use an up-down motion with your pick or strumming hand.

One Downstrum for Every Upstrum.

Next, add a one downstrum for every upstrum. This will give the strumming pattern more flow and make it sound more like the original song. Start slow, making sure to evenly strum each chord with this new technique. At first you may find that playing rhythmically with both upstrokes and downstrokes can feel awkward. Don’t worry, over time it will become easier as you get used to it!

Make Sure Each Chord Is Played At The Same Time As A Downstrum.

Make sure each chord is still strummed at the same time as an upstrum. This will give you more control over the sound and make it more consistent throughout. With the rhythmic downstrokes, it should become easier to play in time with The Zombies’ original recording. Take your time and practice playing each chord with a downstroke and upstroke until you are comfortable, then move onto playing the whole song.

Push on the Fretboard With Your Picking Hand Index Finger When Strumming Downwards.

When strumming down, make sure to push on the fretboard with your index finger. This will keep the strings sounding flat and in tune. It may also be helpful to use a pick as it can provide more control over your sound than if you were just using your unprotected fingers. Using this technique is especially important for achieving the classic Zombies’ sound when playing their signature strumming patterns.

zombie guitar chords and strumming pattern

Play the Strum Pattern Four Times Through Before Moving On To Next Verse or Bridge Of The Song.
Once you have mastered the strum pattern don’t be tempted to move on to the next verse or bridge of the song until you have repeated it at least four times. This repetition will help you memorize and solidify the pattern in your muscle memory so that when you do move on to the next part, it will feel like second nature and playing will become a breeze!

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