Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – AC/DC – Intro

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Get a free “Thunderstruck” JamTrack from JamKazam to play the guitar part you’ve learned with the rest of the band:

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These Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Videos will take you step by step through AC/DC’s classic from their Razor’s Edge album.

It features some tricky guitar work by Angus Young in the intro, and that intro is instantly recognizable all over the world.

The Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Videos will clear up all confusion about exactly how Angus Young plays the intro in “Thunderstruck”. You will be playing this classic lick in no time!

Every note of this hard hitting track is dissected in these video guitar lessons including all the rhythm guitar parts and solo. This one is definitely a show stopper so sit down and get to work! Good luck!! 😀

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